Carat Template for Conferences
Carat Templates: Carat is an expansive platform that can be used across a wide variety of programs. The Carat team loves meeting with new customers across different industries, as they find new & creative ways to leverage Carat. However, Carat Templates are resources available to our customers to help guide the creation of their event or experience. These are meant to be a starting point, and many of Carat's features can be customized if your goals are slightly different.

Rewarding Engagement at Conferences & Tradeshows

Carat provides conference and event producers a platform tailored to their unique experiences. Blending the lines between mobile passport, event guidebook and AR games, Carat is an overlay that will make your conference a memorable and exciting experience worth exploring from start to finish.


Destination Rewards
Game & Social Features
Schedule of Events
Carat Conferences create a fun and rewarding way to engage with sponsors, vendors and other visitors. Using the Directory, you can reward Carats for check-ins, meeting certain people, visiting certain keynotes or exchanging contact information with others.
Carats rewarded for checking in with a sponsor at the conference.
Enable public leaderboards to invite some healthy competition among your attendees. Carat Rewards, Leaderboards & Inbox enables all the tools you’ll need to add gamification & social benefits to your conference.
Save money on a print schedule by adding this feature to your Carat Conference. Add custom links, multi-day itineraries and locations to provide useful information to your event attendees.

Features for Conferences

Carat Rewards
Carat Check-In
Bonus Carats

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