Carat Checklist

A step-by-step to ensure a successful Carat experience.

Building an Engaging Carat Experience

Carat has a lot of great futures built into its platform, but it's important to keep that complexity behind the scenes. By following our Carat Checklist, you'll increase your likelihood for success in achieving user adoption, community buy-in and longterm engagement.

Carat Checklist

Building an Engaging and Rewarding Experience using Carat App

During your Setup Consultation, the Carat Team will advise you on some best practices around Carat's modular app experience. There are a variety of features available within the app, including Rewards for Check-Ins & Purchases, Prize Giveaways & Redemptions, Leaderboards, Directory, Appearance, Inbox, Schedule, Maps, Contacts, Bonus Carats, & Captains. Some of these are self-explanatory as far as the benefits, but stay tuned for detailed articles outlining the various features available to you as a Carat Admin.

As a general rule of thumb, it is critical to understand some universal philosophy around mobile apps, and why people download them to begin with.

  • It is useful to users, offering a meaningful experience that is exclusive to the mobile app.

  • It is rewarding, providing benefits that are exclusive to the mobile app.

  • It is easier to use, making it more enjoyable for users compared to a website.

With these points in mind, it is important that Admins create exclusive offers only available through the mobile app, and provide an enjoyable and informative experience to boot. This will give Admins a significant edge when they start trying to add Users to their Carat Events.

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