Carat Guides

Strategies, best practices and other resources for Carat customers.

Building Community

Carat is a destination and community rewards app that tracks economic impact and user engagement while growing loyalty to local businesses and events.
Carat enables destinations to build their own app experience. It can be used to enhance existing programs, events and promotions to provide the best possible experience for patrons while maximizing automation of manual data entry that is such an integral part of these programs.
With robust dynamic features and a self-service customer portal, Carat is a destination marketing & economic development tool that enables digital sophistication for mom and pop shops and local community events.
Carat exists in between the digital and physical place. Grow your following, track engagement and reward loyalty to local - all while keeping feet on the streets in your destination.

Carat Checklist

A step-by-step checklist to ensure a successful Carat experience. Run through this article before launch to make sure you're ready to go.

Marketing Tools

Check out the following link for templates to use with Directory QR Codes so your signage is clean and consistent across your Carat Event.