Version 1.61

What's New

What's New in Version 1.61

With the latest update to the Carat App platform, the app is now configured for annual walking tours, providing rewards for checking in at participating businesses. Here are some of the major features implemented in the latest build.

Streamlined Registration Process

Registration within the app is now quick and easy for users, with fewer fields to register. This will be essential for quick installation and conversion to the app for walking tours, spending time in participating businesses.

Redemption Prizes (Beta)

For some customers, prizes will be a one-time redemption that will turn a user's Carats into a balance. To use this feature, customers will need to collect enough carats to redeem that prize, and then visit the participating business that is offering it. There will be a QR code provided to the participating business that can be used to subtract the Carat balance from that user's account, to track redemptions and successfully exchange for that prize.

Carat Rewards Program (Alpha)

For select customers, we are offering free trials to test out the Carat Rewards program for small businesses. This is a separate Carat Experience that is branded directly around just that small business. Businesses can use the Carat platform to create multiple check-in locations within their business, such as events, or redemptions based on select purchases.

To learn more or apply for the program, send Cody an email at

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