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Carat Template for Shopping Programs
Carat Templates: Carat is an expansive platform that can be used across a wide variety of programs. The Carat team loves meeting with new customers across different industries, as they find new & creative ways to leverage Carat. However, Carat Templates are resources available to our customers to help guide the creation of their event or experience. These are meant to be a starting point, and many of Carat's features can be customized if your goals are slightly different.

Economic Development through Community Rewards

Using the Carat Purchases Feature, Destination Marketing Organizations can created limited-time incentives to reward Carats directly to the amount of dollars spent. Carat Captains are an admin level user account that can generate codes on demand, creating a powerful incentive for local shopping sprees and community rewards. Accurate and precise data around dollars spent is important for destination marketing organizations interested in proving their economic impact to stakeholders.


Carat Purchases
Second Tab
The Carat purchases feature is a different type of Carat code tied directly to dollars spent. This enables destination marketing organizations measurable impact to their local communities while automating the data collection process.
Admin-level users that can create Carat codes for its users unlocks a new way to reward local shopping, and display direct impact to your stakeholders. This enables shops to encourage a customer’s next stop, shouting out their neighbors to earn more Carats.
Use Maps to visually showcase where users can earn rewards next. Through a seamless directory & mapping integration, destination marketing organizations can enable wayfinding and community highlights.

Features for Shopping Programs

Carat Rewards
Carat Purchases
Carat Captains
Bonus Carats

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