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Downloading Marketing Data & Prize Drawing Lists

From the Destination Dashboard, Carat Admins can download user data* in an easy-to-use CSV format. In this guide, we'll cover the two features currently available in the Data Analytics tab, including Marketing Data and Prize Drawing Exports.

Marketing Data Export

Carat Admins can use the marketing data export feature to grow their email lists, which is often an essential method of growing a small business.

  • From the Marketing Data panel, select whether you want to export data for All Shops or by an individual Shop. If a user has checked in to a shop at least once, they will be included in that list.

  • Click Download to receive a CSV export containing user data* that has opted-in to data sharing.

*User must have a Verified Email Address, join the event and keep data sharing preferences on to be included in the Export Tool.

Prize Drawings

Carat Admins can use this tool to export data for prize drawings or giveaways. There are a few options available on this panel, including date range as well as Carat filtering.

  • Since prize levels are customized based on the event, Carat Admins must select a minimum Carat amount based on their giveaway amount.

    • For example, if you are conducting a prize drawing for a minimum of 7 Carats, you would set the minimum to 7 and then click download.

  • Date range can also filter the list if you want to conduct a drawing based on check-in date.

    • For example, if you only want people that checked in during your last event on March 20th, you would select March 20th as the start date, and leave the end date as today's date.

Prize Drawings only include users with a Verified account. Unverified users will have a message in their inbox to Verify until they have completed the Verification process.

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