Adding Shop Admins to your Carat Event

Introducing editor roles for you Carat Event.

Carat adds an extra layer of depth to your events & marketing programs. They typically involve a variety of stakeholders, with multiple businesses all using the platform for it's check-in features. In order to enable our customers a way of offering businesses a way to get more from Carat, we have introduced the Shop Admin role, so they can make changes to their listing, perform check-ins, generate carats for dollars spent & even download marketing data related to their shop.

In order to set someone as a Carat Admin, they must first sign up for the Carat mobile app, and join your Carat Event. Once joined:

  1. Visit the Directory with the Destination Dashboard, and click the Edit icon related to the Shop you'd like to link them to.

  2. Under the Select Shop Admin field, search by Name or Email of the user. Select that User and click Update.

  3. They now have access! Send them the login link that you use, and they have access.

Shop Admins - What they can (and can't) do

With a Shop Admin account, Carat users can access the Destination Dashboard like a Carat Admin can. However, their options will be limited to the individual shop(s) that they are connected to the account. As a Shop Admin, users can:

  • Directory Management

    • Make changes to their listing, including Name, Tagline, Description, Physical Address, Category, Banner Image, Logo, & Website URL

    • Download Check-In QR code so they can print / or create assets for visitors at their business.

    • Hide Shop: If they aren't participating during a certain time, they can hide their listing so that users don't see it on Carat

  • Add Carats

    • User check-in to their shop(s), generate Carats for dollars spent & automatically redeem prizes from the Dashboard. Use this feature to offer Carats to users that have issues with their camera, are making purchases in-store or in case you didn't print QR codes.

  • Data & Analytics

    • Marketing Data Export: From this page, a Shop Admin can download marketing data related to their Shop(s). Any user that checked-in with them at least once will be included in this dataset.

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