Destination Dashboard

Making changes to your Carat Event.

The Destination Dashboard: The Destination Dashboard allows customers (Carat Admins) to make changes, monitor leaderboards, send messages and more at any time.

How to Access the Destination Dashboard

The Destination Dashboard can be accessed at any time from the link:

You will be greeted with the following screen:

Logging in to the Destination Dashboard

If you have ever registered for Carat through the app, you likely already have your login for the Destination Dashboard. However, the Dashboard requires an administrator level account, which is only available to Carat Customers. A Carat Team member will provide you with access after initial setup of your Carat Event.

If you can't remember your password, you can use the Password Reset feature from the login screen. However, if for some reason you can't access your account for other reasons, contact and someone from the Carat team will provide assistance.

Quick Guides to Get Started

STEP 1: Building your Carat App

Guides to populate the content of your Carat Event, including the Explore tab.

pageManaging the Destination DirectorypageCustomize the Appearance of your Carat EventpageUpdating Prize Details for your Carat EventpageAdding New Schedule ListingspageSettings within the Destination Dashboard

STEP 2: Managing your Carat Event

Guides to keep track of how users are engaging with your Carat event, as well as sending messages and push notifications directly to users.

pageViewing the LeaderboardspageSending Messages through the Destination DashboardpagePrize Drawings Data Download

STEP 3: Leveraging Carat Analytics for Marketing & Growth

Guides to keep track of where you can find Data & Analytics for your Carat event, as well as export opt-in newsletter data directly from the dashboard.

pageData & Analytics

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